Abakosteel Poland

For solary technology

solary dach2Our mounting system for solar technology includes a complete range of products necessary for the safe installation and long-term use of photovoltaic and solar thermal devices.

Example of mounting:
Type: shape BZ (with dog point)
Material: stainless steel A2
Drive: hexagonal socket
Surface: special smooth coating
Use: to secure photovoltaic and solar systems



system 1l
  1. Hexagonal socket SW5
  2. Locking nut DIN 985 M10 A2
  3. Washers DIN 125 A2
  4. Hexagonal nuts DIN 934 M10 A2-70
  5. Width across flat SW13
  6. Solar fastener
  7. Sealing washer DS Ø 19mm
  8. Cap
  9. Corrugated fibre cement seal FZD
system 2p
Corrugated profile and sandwich element

Trapeze profile and sandwich element
Corrugated fibre cement
system 3